Over 20 years of experience in dog training, pet behavioral modification, pet sitting, dog daycare, rescue, and home & kennel boarding.  

  • Dog Walking and Sitting
  • Dog Training
  • Behavioral Consultations

She has a B.S. In Pre-Veterinary Med from Otterbein College and a minor in Behavioral Science. Her experience spans over 20 years and she has received recognition for her outstanding training techniques in publications including the Sister Dog Fancy and the Santa Clarita Gazette. In LA Julia has worked in commercial, television, and film dog training as well as individually with celebrities’ dogs such as Tiger Woods and Earl Woods, Johnny Depp, and Drew Barrymore. She has experience with all types of behavioral problems and breeds and is specialized in aggression and anxiety. She also has been involved with rescue work for just as long.

She worked for 2 years with Dr Inbar Nathans-Barel who is best known for his research in animal assisted therapy and has also worked with Karen Pryor who is known world wide as the founder and proponent of clicker training.

Julia has previously owned two kennels providing private and group training. One in northern California and another in Ohio. Her methods of training are positive-approach based training combining understanding in theory and techniques in dog training to create a long-term well-behaved dog. She does this by working one-on-one with dogs as well as teaching their owners how to handle problem behaviors and reward good behavior.

You can check out her 25 part free dog training series on YouTube under the name “Dog Training Anytime”. She also has previously released an e-book called “7 Weeks to a Well Trained Human and Good Dog”.

Pets: One dog named Xena