Large Dog Beds – A Shopper’s Checklist

By May 24, 2017Dog Bed, Dog Supplies
Large Dog Beds – A Shopper’s Checklist

It’s important to get a dog bed that makes your dog comfortable, keeps him warm, and is durable enough to last – and this is even more important when it comes to large dog beds.

Shopping for large dog beds comes with special considerations. I’ve put together a checklist to help you make the right choice when you buy a large dog bed. Follow these tips to give your best friend the quality rest his big body needs.

  • Make sure your dog has room to spread out. You don’t want to buy a large dog bed twice, which means you don’t want him outgrowing it. Measure your dog when he’s sleeping. Add about two inches so he can sleep in any position.
  • The next item is your climate. If you live in wintry areas, consider an electric heated large dog bed. Another option is a tent-style or covered dog bed, which has the double benefit of keeping drafty air off your large dog, protecting him from skin infections.
  • Think about how your dog sleeps, before you buy a large dog bed. How many positions does he sleep in? Dogs who always sleep in a donut shape, will like the donut style dog beds, while dogs who often sleep on their haunches will prefer a rectangular one.
  • Big dogs need very durable dog beds. Most playful dogs are going to chew on it or play on it sometimes. Imagine your large dog throwing his favorite ball into the bed, biting and clawing and having a good old time! If that sounds like your dog, keep it in mind when shopping.
  • There are orthopedic dog beds for large dogs. Large dogs are typically more prone to arthritis and back problems, so consider orthopedic large dog beds if your dog is old or has special needs.
  • There are three factors of dog bed hygiene to consider.
  1. A large dog bed should be machine washable, and you should wash it at least once every 2-3 weeks.
  2. Some large dog beds have surfaces, which are easy to vacuum – that matters to you if your dog          is a heavy shedder.
  3. Make sure the material will dry quickly and completely – sleeping on something damp is no fun, and it’s a quick way to many infections.
  • Don’t forget style! There are designer dog beds, even for large dogs, but be ready for the price tag. Of course, you can get large dog beds in cool colors and patterns to match your home.
  • Be wary of deep discounts on large dog beds built like sofas and real beds, as poor construction can be dangerous.
  • There are indoor-only dog beds, plus outdoor and indoor/outdoor large dog beds. If you’re shopping for bedding for your dog’s house, make sure it’s waterproof and that it’s right for your climate.
  • Don’t forget bedding for your large dog’s crate, kennel, etc. If you plan on using one bed for both home and travel, make sure it’s extra durable and the site works for all uses.

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