Important Early Lessons For Your Puppy

By August 31, 2017Dog Training
Important Early Lessons For Your Puppy

Learning to regard you as the leader is the most important early lesson for your puppy.

Xena is a social animal and needs to belong to a group. Ideally, this group (pack) should be your family, with YOU playing the role of the pack leader. If Xena perceives a lack of leadership within her group, she may struggle for, and perhaps gain, the role as the pack leader.

This struggle is at the root of many common behavior issues in dogs.

The human must give the dog a sense of security by showing him you are a capable leader.

This does not mean you are heavy handed with the dog but instead practice the 3 C’s .

  1. Lead calmly
  2. Be consistent
  3. Clearly show the dog what you expect and follow with rewards.

Humans do this with their kids beginning the moment the child is up and crawling.

A dog needs this direction the moment you bring them home to the human pack. When you do this your puppy will learn to regard you as the leader.

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