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Our service area includes Koreatown, Greater Wilshire/Hancock Park, La Brea, Central LA, Miracle Mile, Mid-City, & Rampart Village. In addition, we also service Santa Clarita: Valencia, Canyon Country. The following zip codes are included in our service area: 90004, 90020, 90010, 90036, 90005, 90019, 90006, and 90057.

Dog Walking in Los Angeles

When you can’t be home for your pet, we can. Our 1# priority is your Pets Happiness. According to the American Humane Society – Your pet is happiest when home and exercised. The average exercise needed on a daily basis for most breeds is a minimum of 60-minute active walk.

Pet Care Anytime dog walking services are loved by our doggie parents. After a long day at work parents can come home and feel guilt free as they enjoy relaxing with their happy and stress free dog.

Dogs require physical and mental stimulation just like humans. Proper adequate exercise for your dog on a daily basis will create a calmer and happier dog. Many dog behavioral problems are a result of isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise. The size of a dog does not determine a pets exercise needs, breeding does. For example If your dog is from the working breeds they require a minimum of two-three hours a day of high engagement with training and exercise. If your dog is a hunting breed they require a lot of mental stimulation, leadership, plenty of exercise, and chew items.

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Monday – Friday 9 AM – 7 PM:

Paw_Print_orange30 minute per visit $22.00

Paw_Print_orange45 minute per visit $26.00

Paw_Print_orange60 minute per visit $32.00

Paw_Print_orange$2 surcharge for walks between 5 – 7 PM

Please feel free to request a longer duration. We will be happy to accommodate based on

*Rates include sales tax.

Price includes: Up to two dogs that are relatively easy to walk and do not have aggression issues or pull hard on the leash. $5 each additional dog otherwise.

Every Service Includes:

Registration with out online system for easy scheduling, pet information updates, and invoice services.

Water refill & bowl cleaning.

Feeding and/or treat if requested.

E-mail journal after each visit that includes a completed task checklist, a note from our sitter, and an occasional picture.

Pet mess clean up

Additional Services Available: