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Dog Training in 60 Minutes

Speaking Canine Made Easy

They say that a dog is man’s best friend.

But some dogs need a little extra help. Training your dog is not only easy and fun, it connects you to your pet in a way that bonds you together for life!

Avoid the mistakes that most pet-owners make with the techniques you will learn in my latest eBook Dog Training in 60 Minutes Speaking Canine Made Easy and discover little known secrets that top trainers use to train their pets and clients’ pets to listen to every command.

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Finally, you can feel at ease and connected to your pet.

In this value-packed book you will learn:

  • The facts that most dog-owners fail to learn that make a huge impact on whether or not their dog is trainable.
  • The mistake a lot of owners make that actually costs them money!
  • How to understand the “conditioned response” so that you can relate to your animal in a way that puts you in charge AND deepens your relationship.
  • Tips you MUST consider before purchasing toys and collars
  • Vitally important information on socialization so that you help your dog behave in a way that allows you (and others) to enjoy his presence
  • How to understand the natural fears that your dog might be feeling so that you can help him feel safe and secure in your home and with your family and loved ones.
  • The stages of maturity that every dog goes through and how being informed during each of them can make the training process much faster and easier!
  • How to teach your dog tricks and commands with just a few words.
  • How to combat the common problems of barking and nipping without the use of harsh discipline.

And much more!

Owning a pet is a hugely rewarding experience. Too many people miss out on the love and companionship because they become frustrated with the common behavior problems that are so easily fixable.

Your dog is counting on you to lead the way.

Start Today! Get your copy of Dog Training in 60 Minutes now.

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