Dog Diet Can They Live On Grain Alone?

By March 26, 2017Dog Diet, Dog Facts

Many of the common problems that beset the domesticated dog develop as a direct result of incorrect feeding lack of exercise, overuse of medication and vaccination, inbreeding etc.

The distant cousins of our domesticated dogs –wolves and wild dogs- still roam the wild places of the world. Like many of the world’s wild animals they know instinctively how to self select various plants to help them stay fit and healthy.

This behavior is mirrored in our domestic dogs and cats who, if given the opportunity will chew on various plants and grasses they find in the garden or whilst out on a walk. generally, depending on the position of the problem , the plant will work either as a emetic , to encourage vomiting of hair balls and food, or a purgative to aid the expulsion of worms which lie further down the digestive system.

Studies have shown that the wild dogs who hunt in packs will not eat all the animal they kill unless they are starving. The pack will initially eat the contents of the small intestines and the internal organs, and bury the carcass. A few days later, when the enzymes in the meet have increased making the flesh more nutritious and easier to digest, the pack will return, dig up the carcass and have another meal.

This behavior is again reflected in our modern day dogs when they bury the nice meaty bone you just gave them.

We believe when you combine appropriate herbal supplements, in conjunction with a good diet and regular exercise, we can greatly support the health of our dogs. Herbs reconnect them to their origins, giving them the power to maintain their health as their wild cousins do.


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