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Train Yourself to Reduce Your Dogs Whining
Dog TrainingPuppy Whining
May 3, 2017

Train “Yourself” to Reduce Your Dog’s Whining and Whining Habits
 and Identify Genuine Problems Your Dog Might Whine About

Puppies are babies, so it makes perfect sense that, if they want attention, protection, or…
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Dog Facts
April 12, 2017

Are there dangers lurking in your back yard?

Most dogs love the outdoors. After all, what better place to stretch those legs, smell…
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Dog DietDog Facts
March 26, 2017

Dog Diet Can They Live On Grain Alone?

Many of the common problems that beset the domesticated dog develop as a direct result…
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Dog Facts
March 7, 2017

Where do dogs come from?

The debate continues today. What we do know is approximately 80 percent of dog breeds…
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